Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

16th June 2020

So if you’re one of those awesome people who have already booked me, you get a pre-wedding shoot included in your wedding photography package! Aka, a super fun couple of hours hanging out together and getting some awesome photos. I thought it’d be a good idea to run through exactly what the “pre-wedding shoot” is and answer any questions you might have! 

I’ve been doing wedding photography for 8 years now (wowza) and I still keep the pre-wedding shoot included in my package even now because it’s such a great thing to do. I honestly love getting to meet up with you again before the wedding. It’s so nice to hang out and then take some photos together. I find that it really does help everyone feel so much more relaxed. 

I wouldn’t want any of my couples to feel like I’m a complete stranger showing up on the day. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people are understandably nervous about having their photo taken – including me! But it’s a great little ice breaker in terms of the “photography” side of things.

Plus it’s pretty lovely being able to have some time to hang out in between this crazy fast paced thing we call life and get some beautiful fun photos of you both. I also offer full couple shoots too, so you don’t have to be engaged to get some amazing photos of you as a couple.

I’ve done engagement shoots in Kent, London and lots of other beautiful places in the UK. 

Where should we do the photos?

This is probably the question I get asked the most! My answer is – it can be absolutely anywhere you’d like. I usually leave it up to you to decide as it’s nice if it’s somewhere personal or special to you as a couple. It could be a certain area of a city or town, the beach, a woodland walk, your house – wherever! I’ve had pre-wedding shoots pretty much every single place you can think of. But if you’re really struggling to think of somewhere, I have lots of places I can suggest and help you with. 

engagement shoot in Kent in bluebell wood

What should we wear?

Probably my second most asked question! I always say the most important thing is to wear something you feel comfortable in. It can be a bit nerve racking having your photo taken, let alone if you’re wearing clothes that you might not feel happy or relaxed in. So, comfortable-ness is key here! You can make it more dressy up or formal if you like, or keep it casual. I’m honestly happy for you to wear whatever you like and feel happy in. 

engagement shoot in Greenwich
engagement shoot in blossom trees

How long is the shoot?

It’s not supposed to be a full on 2 hour photo-shoot, but more of a short but sweet relaxed warm up session. Normally beforehand we’ll meet for some food or a drink somewhere and have a catch up (plus a lot of people want some dutch courage before!) After we’ll head to the location for photos. The actual photo taking part is fairly short, usually between 3 minutes to an hour. So I usually say around 2 hours in total for everything.

couple on the beach laughing with ice cream

How will you work?

I love to work in a relaxed, natural and fun way, so when it comes to the photos, I’ll mainly leave you to it but give you a little bit of light direction if needed – such as standing in a certain spot, getting closer together or having a walk together. I’ll usually chat with you throughout. It’s just us still hanging out together and I’m getting to know all about you both a bit more! I’ll just capture natural photos of you chatting, having a cuddle or laughing with each other. Lucy and Gary had their pre-wedding shoot at the epic neon museum God’s Own Junkyard in Walthamstow. Their festival style wedding is over here.

engagement shoot at gods own junkyard

Can we bring our dog/cat/rabbit?

Ummmm, YES. If you want to get your pets involved, I’m game! See here some photos of Marianne and Adam with their beautiful kitties in their home! I also loved that Coral and Alex wanted to bring along their dogs for the photos too.

couple laughing and cuddling their cats
engagement shoot in Kent

So… that’s it! Nothing to be scared of, right?

Hopefully that answers all of your questions! I promise it’s nothing to be scared of either, and we’ll have loads of fun. So many people afterwards say that it wasn’t bad at all, and that they even ENJOYED themselves! My job here is done. 

couple laughing with each other against blue industrial container