Kentfield Farm Wedding: Tash and Mike

21st May 2020

Tash and Mike had a beautiful Kentfield Farm Wedding on the hottest day of the year! Round the corner from the church, Tash got ready with her family and bridesmaids at her parents house. It was a really relaxed morning, plus everyone was trying to stay cool because it was already so hot! Once everyone was ready, myself and the bridesmaids walked round to the church while Tash hopped in the car with her Dad.

Mike was waiting patiently and nervously at the top of the aisle. It was such an emotional and beautiful ceremony, with lot of happy tears. After, it was time for confetti and to head over to Kentfield Farm. They had a huge beautifully decorated sailcloth tent up overlooking the lake. It was one of the hottest days of the year but we managed to do lots of photos outside. Luckily there was lots of champagne on hand to help with the heat! 

Then it was time for some speeches and a delicious BBQ and amazing selection of desserts. There was then a singalong performed by a member of their band. Everyone had the lyrics on their table and sang along together in unison! It was a complete surprise to Tash and Mike, and they was very happy and a bit choked up seeing all the room singing back at them. 

I can see why Tash and Mike chose a Kentfield Farm Wedding as the surroundings are so beautiful. We went off for a quick walk after the singalong to take some pictures in the fields and by the lake. Then it was time to dance and party the night away and we had the most epic sunset to end the day. Thanks so much for inviting me to be part of your day Tash and Mike! 

bride sitting on the bed on the phone during the wedding morning

bride and bridesmaids bouquets of white and peach roses

two bridesmaids sitting down on the sofa relaxing and laughing at the brides dad

bridesmaid looking round into the bedroom smiling at the bride

bride watching wedding dress go on in mirror

church spire in the sun against a blue sky 

bride in elegant dress arriving with her dad in suit and bow tie

groom waiting and smiling at top of the aisle

bride happy with tears in her eyes looking at the groom

bride and groom at front of the church singing and smiling at each other

bride wiping away tear with tissue after putting the wedding rings on

 bride and groom at the front of church exchanging rings

bride and groom at the top of the alter doing prayer

wicker basket full of purple confetti petals

everyone throwing confetti on bride and groom at kentfield farm wedding 

father of the bride outside the church holding confetti cone while laughing

bride smiling and hugging lady in striped dress outside church

lady taking a picture and pulling a funny surprised face

marquee overlooking a large lake in the sunshine at kentfield farm wedding

bride and groom cuddling in the woodland at kentfield farm wedding

bride and groom kissing in sun lit woodland at kentfield farm wedding

bride and groom posing for picture in the marquee and smiling at kentfield farm wedding

man in red tie and sunglasses smiling with champagne in the barn

main in bed and sunglasses with champagne in barn house

female wedding guests sitting down laughing with lake in background

three female wedding guests dressed in blue and yellow laughing with each other

lady in floral dress leaning against the bar in the barn smiling

groom looking down at the brides wedding ring in meadow with lake in the background at kentfield farm wedding

bridal party having group photo taken in front of the lake at kentfield farm wedding

sailcloth tent decorated with flowers, burlap and ivy at kentfield farm wedding

brides father giving speech to the entire room at kentfield farm wedding

bride with blonde hair tied up in plait laughing at her dads speech at kentfield farm wedding

brides two friends laughing at speech

groom in navy bow tie giving speech in sailcloth tent at kentfield farm wedding

bride wiping away a tear with napkin at wedding speech

grooms dad laughing at the bride during the speeches

wedding guest with beard and sunglasses laughing at speeches

brides mum with brown hair and purple dress smiling at dinner table

groomsman in a bow tie smiling at speech

groom listening to best mans speech at kentfield farm wedding

bride and groom sitting down in marquee smiling and listening to speech at kentfield farm wedding

lady in glasses and floral dress beaming across dinner table

three wedding guests singalong

wedding singalong and guests holding the song lyrics

a husband and wife participating in singalong in the marquee

bride wiping away tear and laughing after speeches finish

bride and groom walking in corn field at sunset at kentfield farm wedding

bride and groom cuddling in corn field at sunset at kentfield farm wedding

bride and groom looking out to lake at sunset at kentfield farm wedding

bride and groom dancing their first dance in barn outhouse decorated with bunting at kentfield farm wedding

man drinking beer and laughing on the barns dancefloor

brides mum wearing purple floral dress and sunglasses dancing and laughing

man in white shirt with Budweiser beer laughing and dancing

lady in green floral dress with drink in hand dancing

brides mum in purple floral dress and man in purple tie getting low on the dancefloor

bride and groom dancing at sunset

kentfield farm wedding marquee in corn field against pink sky at sunset


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