My favourite images from 2016!

9th January 2017

So, the last time I blogged was this time last year. Doing my 2015 round up of favourite images. I KNOW. I’m a terrible blogger. I’m bloody awful at keeping up with blogging. But I do absolutely want to show some of my favourite images from 2016. It really has been the craziest busiest year. I’ve shot tons of beautiful weddings and me and my boyfriend Simon moved house in August. Everyone told me how stressful moving would be and I kept saying ‘yeah I bet’ without really fully understanding just how busy it would be. I don’t think I’ll ever move house during the middle of August in a hurry again! Anyway, I’m really hoping to stay up to date with blogging this year and show some of the lovely couples I get to shoot.

However, it really has been the most wonderful year ever. I’ve met so many awesome couples and been lucky enough to travel all over the UK to photograph many beautiful weddings. Moving into our house has also been a highlight of my year, and we got our beautiful little puppy a couple of months ago (if you want to be inundated with cute puppy photos then come and follow me on Instagram).

Thank you so very much to all of my couples who entrusted me to capture their day, you guys have all been amazing. Wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2017. Here are some of my favourite images from this year below 🙂


Will always love Dad’s first look at the Bride, such a sweet moment.


One of my favourite moments of the year was everyone dancing in the woods to ‘Lovely Day’ by Bill Withers!



I really do love it when couples see each other before the ceremony. Rory had dropped off a present for Hannah before they got married, and it was so beautiful and emotional.




There’s been lots of travelling on London’s buses and boats!



So many dogs and cats at weddings this year! This always makes me very happy 🙂





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