Festival Wedding with Colourful Confetti

10th January 2023

Wow oh wow, where do I start with Kayleigh & Alex’s epic festival wedding style celebration?! They had a super relaxed and colourful wedding at Field 725 in Frome. The day began with Kayleigh getting ready at her parents house where she was surrounded by her family and bridesmaids. It was a very chilled morning before the ceremony and seeing Kayleigh put on her bridal flower crown and wedding dress was one of my highlights of the day – it was so special. Kayleigh wore a stunning pink wedding dress designed by Leanne Marshall and I couldn’t stop staring all day, until then I hadn’t seen a pink wedding dress!

The Festival Wedding Ceremony 

Their ceremony was held at Rook Lane in Frome which is the most beautiful building. It is also used for art shows as well as being a licensed wedding ceremony venue. WOW, it was certainly a beautiful place! Alex, arrived looking incredibly cool in his mustard yellow suit with elbow patches and a bow tie. Not to mention Kayleigh who took everyone’s breath away when she arrived. During the wedding ceremony there were lots laughs and I couldn’t stop smiling either! Without a doubt, I will never forget how lucky I am to be a part of a couple’s big day. 

Following the ceremony it was time for some hugs and hellos from the wedding party and guests. Kayleigh, Alex & I then took a walk around Rook Lane for a few wedding ceremony pictures. And we may have spotted a little kitty who we had to go over and say Hello to. 

Wedding animals

Let’s get bubbly

The wedding party then made their way to Field 725 for a big and colourful confetti throwing entrance (because who doesn’t love confetti!). Everyone was then welcomed with delicious and refreshing G&T’s from Midnight Summer Cap who served drinks from their super cool campervan bar! There were bubbles for the kids (and, let’s be honest, the adults as well). Plus a photo booth area with props and a bit of table tennis!

The Festival Wedding Reception

It was then time for dinner and speeches, both of which were incredible! The speeches received a LOT of laughs – a sure sign of a good speech.

The Wedding Speeches.

And the wedding fun didn’t stop there…

Afterwards we all went back outside into the sunshine and had some fun with colour smoke bombs which not only created some incredible wedding photos but also added some more pops of colour to the day and they are a brilliant addition or alternative to confetti! If you’re thinking of using wedding smoke bombs then I would say, don’t hesitate! I would highly recommend these ones from Enola Gaye (contact me if you have any questions).

Once the smoke bombs were finished Kayleigh, Adam and walked around the surrounding fields to capture a few particularly special evening wedding photos. We then headed back to the party which had kicked off with their epic brass band. We started by partying outside around the campfires and then proceeded to finish the night by heading into the marquee for some final drinks and dancing.

What A Day! Without a doubt, a super fun and and special day from start to finish. I really do love a festival style wedding, not just for the colours but for the relaxed and fun nature of the day. And I can’t thank Kayleigh and Alex enough for asking me to capture it all for them.

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