Laura and Olly’s elegant and stylish wedding at Islington Town Hall

1st March 2015

Laura and Olly had a truly stylish and elegant wedding with lots of personal touches and amazing attention to detail, surrounded by their close friends and family. The whole day was very relaxed and fun. I really love it when a couple’s personality shines throughout their wedding day. They also decided they wanted to do a ‘First Look’ which I was incredibly excited to do, as I had never photographed one before! They were married at Islington Town Hall while their reception was held at Mildmay Community Centre.

The community centre was decorated beautifully, with lots of pretty details they had made themselves along with the help of their incredible wedding planner, Elisabetta from Linen and Silk Weddings. I am simply in love with the flowers done by Ivy Pip and Rose, they look as if they’ve just been plucked out of a meadow that morning. Laura and Olly also graced the pages of Rock my Wedding recently which you can see here. Thank you Laura and Olly for letting me a part of your brilliant wedding!


Meanwhile, the boys were getting ready close by. Although, they was relaxing, watching the cricket and choosing their favourite vinyls from the Best Man’s extensive collection…


This was my first ever ‘First Look’ and it was so much fun. For those who aren’t sure what a first look is, or heard of it before, it’s when the Bride and Groom meet before the ceremony itself, to see each other! Obviously you normally see each other when the Bride is walking down the aisle, and it is a rather non-traditional take on things but I personally thought it worked amazing. Laura and Olly were both so happy and giggly when first looking around at each other and they was so excited and affectionate. It really was a beautiful moment! Then we spent some time in the gardens close to Islington Town Hall doing their couple shoot and then their family came to join them and we did some group photos too.


We then headed on to Islington Town Hall for the ceremony…


Everyone then headed over to Mildmay Community Centre where they hosted their reception. There was lots of beautiful DIY details including pretty pastel pom poms, a ‘Blondie’ themed photo-booth, lots of nods to their love music through the use of hanging vinyl records and also using these as their guestbook, and not to mention an incredibly colourful and quirky looking cake…


They decided to do their speeches with everyone standing up in the main hall in the community centre, which I thought was a brilliant idea.


This was one of my favourite parts of the evening… Olly gestured for Laura to come closer during this part of his speech and it was absolutely beautiful and heartfelt. I think at this point everybody had some tears brimming!


The photo-booth went down great with all the guests, most people copying the infamous Blondie cover…


As you can tell, Laura and Olly both love music, so their friends who run White Heat were asked to DJ for them and the party was absolutely immense! Everyone was just going for it and the boys were dripping with sweat by the end of it. Once 12pm hit they all headed off to a club down the road where the party continued long into the night…



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  1. Beautiful images, love the framing – you’ve really caught the big day the emotions wonderfully 🙂

  2. Oh Laura, these are lovely! Such a gorgeous day, captured so vibrantly and colourfully. A beautiful set of images – i love the emotion and the gorgeous details. It makes me feel happy just looking at them 🙂 A lovely couple, who i bet are absolutely thrilled. Great work.


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